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HI. My name is Frank. Having been alive for close to 37 years, and studying the subjects I love for over half of that, I have finally come to a place where sharing a bit of what I've learned, created, and experienced seems relavant and warranted. I've been involved with numerous teachers, lineages, schools, classes, books, workshops, retreats,etc. that I don't care to list as a credit to my name like so many bios before me tend to do - nor do I represent any of them exclusively, and only a couple have warranted the final grade of possible lifetime invovlement for my own personal path. You will have your own path in this regard and I have helped a many steer through some of this smorgasboard that is modern reality to clarify their own. I have also taught in public and private settings, on-line and off, weekly classes and one time workshops,etc.,etc. etc. Through it all I have learned that just becasue one has a great teacher or lineage does not make the person themselves great nor can they necessarily pass it all on if they don't know how to teach or have the proper connection with a student who can receive it. To this we each have our own karma, and it is no ones fault but your own for where you are and how this process has unfolded for you. What works for one, works for one. So....if your curious about more, please come into the site and related areas to find out more as it's all in here somewhere. If you want to talk about anything, then hit that contact button and book a consult with me, it's all donation based so give what you receive and are able or willing to. It doesn't matter to me since I don't do this for money, and the karma is all yours if you take without giving. I'm happy to share what I know, and am "Frank" about what I don't know, which is half the battle with these endless streams of knowledge.

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