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How Do You Meditate?





Many people ask me this all the time and it is a tricky question. First it is important to realize that you can’t meditate. What people really want are practices that lead to mediation, of which there are numerous. Meditation itself is a naturally occurring state of mind that is what occurs from doing meditation practices. These may involve walking, postural work, breathing, imagery, chanting, dancing, or any combination thereof. Some teachers, such as Jiddu Krishnamurti, even say that it is all nonsense and you can’t cultivate that state. What and how you lead yourself to this state of meditation is a highly individual path that is tied up with your constitution and individual karma. Understanding these is key to finding something that suits you. However the state of meditation is universal to all. Personally, I have found no better aid then working with the breath in these regards. The more you understand and delve into the depth of the mind-breathe connection the easier time you will have bypassing all the mental chatter and games that block meditation. But then again, that is just me and thousands of years of yogic science speaking.

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