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Yoga for golfers. Yoga for bikers. Yoga for grandma. People have tried no end of ways to make “yoga” for something other than Yoga. As long as you are relatively healthy a well-rounded set of asanas adjusted appropriately for season will suffice one’s basic physical needs. The entire concept of therapeutic yoga for ailments is a rather recent invention and much like herb usage, it is best to avoid singular platitudes for conditions. For sure, there are certain groups of poses that may be good for different therapeutic reasons. Also a single pose may be highly beneficial for a specific function as well (i.e. supta virasana for digestion). However more often than not, it is how you work in a pose that makes all the difference on true therapeutic level. Triangle pose can be done in many different modified forms, held for different amounts of time, and put in a specific sequence so as to have an overall balancing effect on a person’s system. Such knowledge cannot be learned through the computer nor be found in a quick article unless you have had prior training and know your body well. While “yoga therapy” as well as “Ayurvedic yoga” is becoming popular, there is a lot of misinformation out there, particularly in the Ayurvedic realm as no such thing has existed in history until now. In the physical realm you are often better advised to seek out a physical therapist if you have structural issues. There are some highly trained yoga teachers are out there who can work with you, but they are generally in the minority.

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